About The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is an educational method used world wide for over 130 years.  The Technique teaches students to become aware of their habitual tensions and misbalance that effects them in their daily lives as well as in special performance. 


Once the student develops better awareness, they learn how to stop their unwanted habits using various Principles and Procedures. They can then upgrade their faulty coordination and unhealthy movement habits —replacing them with balance, ease and poise. 

Sherry Berjeron

M.AmSAT Board-Certified and

ATI-Recognized Teacher

How to Begin your Alexander Technique

Journey with Sherry

Since the Technique is an experiential process, I almost always suggest taking a single lesson. Most lessons are one hour long; however, I spend up to two hours in the first lesson to assure that the student leaves with:

1. Clarity of what the

Alexander Technique is

2. Awareness of how their faulty coordination and unhealthy movement habits are keeping them stuck— in either pain or poor performance

3. Understanding how these habits can be re-educated to improve their specific situation.

This training is accomplished with verbal coaching and hands-on guidance by a skilled teacher.


I feel a lot better, my soreness is gone, I am breathing better, my energy has improved, and I look and feel younger. 

- Sherry Pedroncelli

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