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Perhaps the biggest changes a woman goes through physically, psychologically and emotionally is when they become pregnant, give birth and after the birth process.


With the sudden dramatic changes come the challenges of trying to be comfortable in your own bodies with a stress free attitude in life. And many women going through pregnancy continue to carry on their jobs and family responsibilities during this time.


Let’s acknowledge how heroic mothers are. With this spirit we offer the Alexander Technique to give these women control of their Psycho-Physical wellness before, during and after Birth.

During Pregnancy

  • Use your body better to eliminate bad back, headaches, breathlessness, fatigue, mental and emotional problems such as irritability and depression

  • Backaches are not necessary


  • Naturally prevent varicose veins

  • Control fatigue

During Birth

  • Have a real and practical choice concerning the course and outcome of your labor

  • Learn how to use your new skills by inhibiting unwanted reactions—freeing your muscles from unnecessary tension which allows breathing to continue freely

  • Allow your energy to be directed towards the process of giving birth

  • Intelligently involve your whole self in the process of giving birth — unity of mind and body

You and Your Baby

  • It is time to take best care of yourself in order to take best care of your baby

  • Help yourself restore a beautiful Psycho-Physical unity

  • This is so important for your babyʼs sake


“I was learning how to incorporate the Alexander Technique into daily life. I learned how to use the technique into sitting, standing, walking, lifting things… Eight months ago, I become pregnant, as my tummy grows bigger and bigger each day, I have been arching my back and causing back pain and all kinds of other issues in my body. I have been experiencing a huge change in my whole body comparing to my first pregnancy that I haven’t started the lessons. I was more aware of how I stand and sit and how I should free my neck which lengthens my spine and widens my back. I feel so much easier and lighter with my body when I walk instead of feeling like I was holding more than 20 pounds extra weight in my tummy that arches my back and causing pains. With the whole pregnancy this time while taking the Alexander Technique, I was feeling so much better physically and emotionally as well. It was such a valuable experience which I would highly recommend Alexander Technique to all pregnant women!”

–Dr. Yan Yan Chan, Modesto Junior College

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