The Alexander Technique Journey

What to Expect from your First Lesson

​When I get a call from someone wanting to know if the Alexander Technique can help them,  I spend as much time as needed in order to understand their specific circumstances. In my experience, there is rarely a situation in which learning the A.T. would not be beneficial. 


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Thank you Aunt Hillary for giving me 2 Alexander Technique lessons for my 16th birthday gift! I was fascinated by the way in which posture affects movement. I was never interested in my physical body, but Sherry got me thinking about how to use it like I hadn’t before.  If the human body is a tool, I had been practicing using it incorrectly. I never knew the correct place to bend my spine in order to look downwards, or which part of the foot to lean on while standing.  Now I am beginning to learn to use my body the way it was meant to be. She also analyzed my running, and her critiques give me confidence that going into track season, I will be able to run safely and effectively.  Her suggestions about how to balance my head, move my arms from my back, and use my legs effortlessly made my running feel infinitely more natural…if only I remember what to do! Thanks a lot!

– Stevie Miller

Student, 16 years old

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