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If you or someone you love suffers from cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, or the aftereffects of a stroke or spinal injury, you are looking for more than just ways to cope with these disorders – you want to establish greater control over the body’s movements on an ongoing basis.


The Alexander Technique can teach you conscious control that can actually change your unconscious functioning for lasting improvements in your condition.

For example, in a 2002 study, Alexander Technique lessons led to an increased ability of people with Parkinson’s disease to carry out everyday activities. This benefit remained in a follow up 6 months later. Participants also reported subjective improvements in balance, posture, and walking, as well as increased coping ability and reduced stress.

It’s based on scientifically sound principles that help people control and build improved patterns of movement and behavior in ordinary daily activities, as well as in more sophisticated endeavors such as speaking and singing.


Alexander students acquire a new ease and confidence through a release of restrictive tension to move replacing disabling contraction of muscles. They usually achieve a pleasant feeling of calm and balance during the lesson and leave with more tools for self-care.

How Can The Alexander Technique Help People Who Suffer from Neuromuscular Disorders?


“Due to a spinal cord injury in my neck, I developed a forward head, rounded shoulders, body rigidity, and uneven gait. Sherry patiently teaches me to release the tension in my upper body that dramatically affects the ease with which I can walk. She uses video to show me the difference and created an audio reminder to use between sessions as I increase my awareness and ability to self-correct old habits. I’ll use her visual imagery prompts for life as I improve the way I sit, stand, and move through the activities of daily living. But as helpful as the video was, there’s no substitute for Sherry’s gentle, hands-on guidance, which helped me to actually feel the changes that needed to take place in my body. Sherry is committed, conscientious and truly gifted…and I recommend her most highly.”

-Karen Lowrey, Retired Educator

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