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Alexander Technique

Seat Cushion

How much time do you spend sitting down?

In your office, in your car, at conferences, on airplanes?

Do the seats in which you sit for long hours provide adequate support for your Advantage?


Chances are that they not only lack support, but may even be hurting you. Because good office chairs and car seats are usually costly, most people make the most out of what they have. However, there are some inexpensive solutions for enhancing any seat you use — well-designed and affordable cushions that support a healthy balance in your Primary Control. If you are encountering any of the following problems, your solution is readily found in the portable seat cushions described below.

Common Problems

In the office

You may find that your office chair is too deep from front to back — or too shallow. Perhaps your feet don’t touch the floor, or you have to lean back too far in order to have the support of the seat back. Even your ergonomically-designed chair may not ‘fit’ adequately, and cost may be an issue.


Traveling in Vehicles

Auto and truck seats are notoriously inadequate for a healthy Primary Control. Drivers and passengers have no surface sufficient for lengthening, widening and supporting their backs. The contours of bucket seats especially do not encourage the spine to lengthen, and they may be positioned too low to see clearly in traffic. Hours spent in airplane seats, similarly compress the spine.


At Conferences

I often see in my clients that the days following a conference are a time of imbalance and pain in the body. I call it ‘chair trauma.’ In many conferences, participants sit for most of the day listening to speakers and presentations. Often the chairs they are using are folding chairs or those made of molded plastic. When the back rest on a chair slants considerably backwards, your neck must work harder to keep your head balancing on top of the spine. When the chair bottom inclines back, your legs are forced into an upward slant from your hips to your knees, which places serious strain on your back. Molded plastic chairs are rounded at the point where your lower spine meets the back of the chair. This lack of support is particularly stressful for your lower back and legs.


Seat Back & Bottom Cushions

The Seat Back Cushion works to improve your car seat, airplane seat or chair in two principal ways:

  • It reduces the backward incline of your chair or car seat, thereby supporting your neck in maintaining the head balanced on top of the spine.

  • It creates a firm, flat surface against which your spine can lengthen and widen, similar to your experience in the Lying Down, Semi-supine Procedure.


To counteract the harmful backward slant of poor seat bottoms, the slightly wedge-shaped Seat Bottom Cushion provides extra support under your sit bones and tapers down in front.


The cushions are designed to be complementary to your Advantage. They are firm with a forgiving softness. They have been tested by people of many different sizes and shapes. The fabric is a handsome tough wearing and breathable material. Everything is manufactured in the United States.


People using them report how much comfort the cushions add to sitting and how much better they feel after sitting for long periods. These cushions are being put to use at computer work stations, in airline seats, in automobiles and at conferences, all locations where people normally experience difficulty and pain. Combined with your Advantage coordination and awareness, the cushions will protect you from Repetitive Strain Injuries resulting from ‘chair trauma.’


I love these cushions because they have helped my vulnerable back.  I don’t sink in my car anymore.  When I go to most restaurants the chairs are terrible. I take my cushions from the car and my posture is much better.  I hated slumping at the table. My back was killing me. Now I take these cushions into  most restaurants, airplanes, and even business meetings…I have no back pain and it is so easy now to get up from sitting. These pads have done wonders for me. 


- Cheryl Kozak

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